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Placing a profile in a dating agency

briderussesA lot of Russian women think that placing a profile in a international matchmaking agency means that they will have to pay a lot of money, and considering the fact that salaries there are very small, they are afraid that they will not be able to afford it, but that is not quite true. The truth is that the biggest majority of matchmaking agencies are completely free of charge, well at least for women, sorry gentlemen but this is the way the world is built for a long time. Read more “Placing a profile in a dating agency”

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Why You Should Meet Girls in St. Petersburg

Meet Girls in St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg is one of the biggest cities in Russian Federation. Its population is about 4.6 million people. The city is also called a Northern capital of the country. It is quite modern city with the inhabitants having a close to Western mentality. You are planning a trip to St. Petersburg to meet a lady you have met at one of the dating or matrimonial sites. How should you behave? Read more “Why You Should Meet Girls in St. Petersburg”

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Sexy singles and couples from Jacksonville at your fingertips

freejuniordateIt is no wonder why people enjoy dating online. For one, it is very cheap and you can get most of it for absolutely no charge. It is also very convenient as you meet people when you feel like it and when you have the time. Also, it is very honest as people are clear about what they want and what they need. It saves a lot of time, money and nerves. If you are from Jacksonville, then you are in luck. The adult dating Jacksonville scene is a vibrant one and there are always plenty of people from this great city online, looking for their new sex partner.

You can be a guy looking for that sexy, hot girl that you can have sex with or you can be a girl looking for a handsome stud who will make your world rock. You can even be a couple looking for other couples or singles. No matter what you are looking for, there will be adult ads from Jacksonville that will fit your wishes perfectly. And once you find that special person or people, there is no stopping you. You can do whatever you like online and you can even set up some sexy meetings in person. Read more “Sexy singles and couples from Jacksonville at your fingertips”

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Sex in Life of a Russian Woman



Forget all the myths that you have heard or read about Russian women. When it comes to sex and Russian ladies,  myths remain myths. Russian women love sex and enjoy having it. However, to some extend there are some differences that make Russian women different from their Western counterparts.

One of the most ‘famous’ stereotypes is that Russian women view sexual act as something to be ashamed of. It is false!   Russian women enjoy intimacy, but the topic of sex is not discussed in the public. Russian ladies save sex for private times and places and it should take place ‘naturally’. So, it is suggested not to talk about sex with your Russian bride, especially if you know each other for a short time. Read more “Sex in Life of a Russian Woman”

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Giving Flowers/When and What



In Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union flowers etiquette is very important. Though most traditions in giving flowers resemble Americana and European ones, some things are still peculiar.

First of all let’s discuss the choice of the flowers.


Russian women cannot imagine their birthday without flowers. Flowers have become a great addition to the main gift in Russia. A single flower, a bouquet or the whole basket of flowers is appropriate. Read more “Giving Flowers/When and What”