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Places to Stay away from on the First Date

Getting ready for a date people think that the success of the date depends on connection, chemistry, conversation, but the place where you are going can also have a great effect on the date, sometimes even playing a key role for things to develop well further or not. Statistics shows that people don’t like to have a first date at:
• Family events and functions. Remember that your date would be nervous enough besides being an audition for your family and friends. So, keep this in mind.
• Dance/night clubs. Loud music, disturbing lights, all this doesn’t presuppose a normal communication. The objective of the first date is to communicate and learn each other better. It is impossible to be done in the dance club.
• Movies. Movies is also not a good place to go for the first date, since you spent around two hours not talking, not getting to know each other. Besides, some piquant scenes can be present in the movie and then don’t be surprised if your date would ask you why you have taken him/her to this. Read more “Places to Stay away from on the First Date”

Best Dating Articles

Four Simple Steps to Meet Someone

 Some of us can easily get acquainted almost everywhere, others often miss the best opportunities. If you want to discover the best pick-ups, keep on reading this article.

Step 1 Smile and wave

Never be afraid to use gestures that show you are open for a chat, this can be a smile, nod, wave, raised eyebrows, etc. This can sound bold for you, but smiling to the people you don’t know is the best sign to show you are ready to talk. You can try this in everyday life with your co-workers and then move your practice on strangers and you will be amazed with the results.


Step 2 Speak first


We all feel ok talking back when someone starts the conversation, but the best trick of excellent pick up is starting a conversation out of the blue. Look at the world as a place full of opportunities you just need to seize and don’t wait when someone will address you. Be the one, who starts talking first!

You can start your practice with people you normally don’t’ talk with, an old woman at the bus stop, a seller at the shop, etc. Become comfortable doing it, to have no hesitations when the time comes.

  Read more “Four Simple Steps to Meet Someone”

Best Dating Articles

Top Habits to Keep Couples Happy

How is it possible that some couples enjoy each other during all their life and some seem to lose that sparks in their eyes after a several years of common life, sometimes even during the phase of dating. This happens as some people getting into a relationship; think they will automatically know how to keep the fire burning. However, staying passionate about each other on the course of all your life is indeed a great skill. Good news this skill can be learned. Here are some hints to adopt and stay happy in your relationship.

• Catch romance where you only can
Most everyone starts the relationship with candy-flowers period, but it is impossible to sustain it in every day life as you have work, home and other responsibilities. Successful couples manage to find romance where they only can in everyday routine. These can be kisses, holding hands, a romantic walk, unexpected dinner, etc. This is what keeps the sparkle in your eyes alive. Read more “Top Habits to Keep Couples Happy”