How to meet gay men online if you’re a teenager

meet gay men online freeNowadays, when European society is totally acceptable towards the gay partnership and marriage, it’s not a problem anymore to meet gay men online. The question is, whether this Internet source is reliable and whether it corresponds to one’s wishes?

These factors are especially critical for guys in their late teens. Psychologically, a person is not one hundred percent stable or confident yet, he cannot protect himself from his own doubts or some people’s rejection. A feeling of loneliness and being a school or college outsider are also highly possible. So it’s very important that a gay teen dating site is safe and reassuring.

The greatest advice ever received regarding dating for gay teens is: «Do not date. Join communities where you can find friends. Then get closer with a friend you like». It’s very true. Otherwise, one’s life turns into a mess with all that casual sex and negative emotions involved. That’s why it’s better to start from such platforms and apps as TrevorSpace, Yubo, MeetMe, and similar ones. They normally filter too negative or rude stuff and one can really find good friends who can turn into something bigger with time. But it will be more natural and flowing like it usually happens in real life.

It’s no secret that young gays’ parents are also worried about their safety and positive experiences. Some applications allow controlling the content a teenager is dealing with, and block certain words or too aggressive users either automatically or manually from remote devices. It’s especially fair and vital if to talk about younger teenagers.

Older and more experienced young people can meet gay men through as many Internet resources as one can imagine, as there are hundreds of them. Moreover, classical dating sites, if they are modern enough, also have special sections and search options for gay matches so the number of opportunities can skyrocket.

meet gay men online

However, if one is already smart enough to have a close relationship with another person, he should be mature and responsible enough to take care of safety. No one likes lections from adults but it’s crucial for one’s inner peace and happy future to watch out with whom he is communicating. Classical tips remain the same and always help:

  • Choose only reliable dating sites with a high rating and nice design not overloaded with pornographic content.
  • Do not answer messages that start from sex offers, even if that is what you want as well. Meaningful and respectful communication is a must.
  • Always cut a conversation where someone tries to get your exact address and personal data. You may not notice that as he will be asking innocent questions about your school or college. Stay aware.
  • If you already arranged a date in real-time, it’s obligatory that you take someone with you. It can be any older person whom you trust. He can wait for you somewhere near and make sure a person you meet with, is not too suspicious or aggressive. Keep with you such stuff as pepper spray, gas cartridge, or a stun gun. And even if everything goes perfectly, you should have a few condoms with you. At least the last warning you remember without
  • No matter how impatient you are, always try to establish an emotional human connection first, and follow your animal instincts only after. You may learn some unacceptable facts about your partner if you dedicate a qualitative time to your conversations, such as his bad habits, criminal background, or a big family with kids waiting for him at home.

Of course, not all discoveries and situations are a priori negative. There are lots of positive discoveries that can happen on a first date: common interests and hobbies, a similar story of coming out, similar fantasies and preferences etc. But we have to face the truth, teens are more fragile than adults, and it’s really essential to be your own bodyguard starting from a simple and easily explainable caution.

It’s considerably safer to meet gay men on LGBT events, in LGBT cultural centers for youth etc. Well, it doesn’t allow you to stay anonymous but it brings you reliable people who won’t let you down. You have common friends, and their background is clear, you can even check their social networks and find out any facts that may affect your final decision. It’s much easier to not get involved with wrong people and avoid a lot of pain, in all meanings.

However, if you’re very introverted, you may still prefer some gay teen dating site that allows not showing your face or your desires until a certain moment. That’s ok too, just remember about common sense and most basic recommendations. Enjoy your best years, bright impressions, and first relationships, but never forget about all possible dangers connected with that.