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briderussesA lot of Russian women think that placing a profile in a international matchmaking agency means that they will have to pay a lot of money, and considering the fact that salaries there are very small, they are afraid that they will not be able to afford it, but that is not quite true. The truth is that the biggest majority of matchmaking agencies are completely free of charge, well at least for women, sorry gentlemen but this is the way the world is built for a long time. My personal recommendation is before placing a profile to read a lot of reviews from women with successful stories in order to know what information to write in the profile in order to be attractive for guys, the other important thing is that it is important to make some really good pictures, ones that will make each male heart melt as soon as seeing it. So as soon as doing that there will be a need to send a few representing you letters to men, and after that you will start getting letters, and that is the point what o call stage two, on this stage i think it is important to think carefully before replying as you need to write something that will surprise and amuse your interlocutor at the same time, something that will make him think “now that is that i call a real woman”! A perfect woman should be a mixture of mischievous character, witty mind, humor, sarcasm and born charm, if having at least a few of those “tools” than it will be simply impossible not to catch the man of your dreams. Each woman should know a very simple thing, which the entire world belongs to her, and she can rule it the way she wants to, as long as she wants that, and as long as she needs that. Every woman has charm that will help her get anything she wants, the problem is that not every woman knows how to use it. My personal opinion is that women who are single are simply women who are not able or don’t know how to use their own charm. Some women think about it as of their own secret weapon against men, and once again it is a very wrong thought, as in reality, it is their tool that should help them getting what they want if acting in a feminine way.

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In order to understand how to get a man of your dreams it is important to put yourself in his shoes, and ask yourself what is there what you want from your man, what are the things that attract you in a man. And the first or one of the first things would be independence, the power of will, strength, and only after that comes charisma, sense of humor and beauty. Men are doing it a bit in a different way, at first they get attracted with feminine beauty, and after that they get interested with the strong and independent character, no one likes complaining people around, they irritate everyone, so why doing something that you wouldn’t like to get back to you. For some reason a big quantity of women think that if they will complain about everything, and look like they are completely helpless without their man than that is something that will help them in the future, well that sounds a bit like non sense. At the beginning this man will take care of the lady, but sooner or later he will get sick of her and think that she is completely useless. No one needs useless people, and everyone in the world is always attracted by strength and power of the character. Life is difficult nowadays so it is important to know that by your side you have a woman you can count on, who will stand there by your side and help you going through everything even if no one else will. Good luck in finding those people for each other, everything, is possible if making certain efforts in order to get the things that you want.

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